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Problems with the nose and sinuses can be common, and range from hay fever and sinusitis to extremely rare tumours. Various conditions may require immediate medical or surgical intervention to avoid further complications.

John McGuinness has a special interest in the treatment of nose and sinus disorders and offers treatments for nasal obstruction, trauma and sinusitis.

Nasal Obstruction

Most cases of nasal obstruction are temporary, caused by sinusitis or allergies. The blockage may also be caused by an anatomical factor, such as a deviated septum, enlarged adenoids, nasal polyps, turbinate bones, or foreign objects. Nasal surgery may be performed to improve both form and function.

Nasal Trauma

Treatment of nasal fractures depends on the extent of the injury. The most difficult fractures to treat are those that involve the nasal septum. For markedly displaced bones, Dr John McGuinness will attempt to return the nasal bones to a straighter position. Best results are achieved seven to ten days after injury to ensure that the bones don't heal in a displaced position.

Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation of the sinuses. Chronic sinusitis can linger for weeks or even months at a time. This can sometimes lead to serious complications, including infections in the bones and tissue near to the sinuses.

For those with recurring sinus congestion and infections, various treatments are available. Sometimes sinus surgery is necessary to drain a blocked sinus, or to enlarge the drainage passage. This is most commonly done using an endoscope.


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